Thursday, July 15, 2010

Floral samples for Lovely Bridal boutique, NYC

Lovely opened it's doors only three months ago and it quickly becoming known for it's super cozy atmosphere and fantastic wedding dresses. It's a shop that anyone would feel totally comfortable trying on one dress, or three. When I heard that Water's was having a trunk show at Lovely, I jumped on the opportunity to have my florals there for ladies to touch, hold and image what they would want for their big day. What's better than live music, gorgeous dresses, and Bespoke Chocolates all being captured on camera by the talented Jen Huang photographer!

Bridal jewelry

One of my long time jewelry clients contacted me a day ago that she was getting married! Of course I congratulated her and asked when the big day was.... "it's around the corner she says" but, more importantly, she needed custom jewelry in a 24 hour turn around time! I always love a challenge, so, low and behold, she will be picking up her jewelry this evening (:
The gold necklace is for her maid of honor. It's made of a circular stone called Tourmalated quartz and has a beaded frame around the stone. The little blue earrings/Blue Quartz are for her bridesmaids who are all fair skinned blondes. Perfect!