Friday, January 15, 2010

Jewelry for the bride and brides maids!

These pieces are my proudest jewelry accomplishment.
After YEARS of making jewelry, I made it my mission to made a stunning, unique, wearable after the wedding collection of bridal jewelry.

The first set is called the "Marie Antoinette" This necklace and earrings combo was inspired by my wedding dress (PICTURED AT THE TOP!) which was champagne color with blues and crystal hues popping through layers of fabric. The stones used are hand picked Aqua marine and Moonstone rondells. The technique is my signature style of hand wire wrapping, hammering and beading stones one by one to create a delicate, yet strong piece. The gold is 14k gold fill.

The Pearl collection is called the "Jane Seymour" This was created for the elegant, more classic bride. Pearls are the symbol of purity and innocence which is perfect for the big day! They are made up of freshwater pearls that have been hand knotted onto silk. In the front of the necklace are two strands that are connected to the back by using hand wire wrapped, hammered, beaded oval's. The necklace is supposed to be worn a tad asymmetrically and the back is adjustable. The earrings are made into a figure eight which is symbolic of eternity. They are also hand wire wrapped, hammered and beaded with fresh water pearls and Moonstone rondells.

All jewelry can be custom adjusted to fit you perfectly (: