Sunday, August 7, 2011

Brooklyn Botanic gardens summer wedding flowers.

This was my other July 23rd wedding that took place at one of my favorite places to work, the Brooklyn Botanic gardens. The bride was looking for a whimsical, funky, seasonal flowers using bright colors including cobalt blue, yellows, melons and white. Together we collected the cobalt blue vintage bottles to mix in with the vintage silver bud vases and my mercury bottle tea light holders. She also really wanted to have a natural touch being that we were in the BBG, so we incorporated a natural stump riser which is always a nice way to unite the collection of bottles. She wanted her bridal bouquet to be most sun flowers and her girls to have a seasonal mix as well as wild flowers. We used hydrangea, asters, thistle, crespedia, daisies, and greens. I loved working with this bride. She had a vision, yet, totally let me do my thing too. She was relaxed, happy and totally not worried about her flowers, which is always the best complement (: Enjoy!