Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lisa ♥ Shawn BKLYN

Lisa came into my shop one day while I was arranging Valentines day flowers and hired me on the the spot! She was a fan of my jewelry and didn't know that I was doing flowers. She gave me total creative control of her flowers after pointing out designs I did in the past that she liked.
Next she sent me a photo of her dress, she said "this could only be considered bridal if I was on the star trek enterprise!"
Her bouquet was made of black star callas, pink veronica, thistle, fiddle heads, and purple limonium. The groom wore a mini black star calla and black berries. Lisa and her sister wore hair adornments with purple thistle attached to a clip.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sara ♥ Jason archway

I finally got some good shots from this ceremonial archway that Sara and Jason got married under. The arch stood over 7 feet tall and was filled with a dreamy combination of blue delphinium, veronica, thistle, dahlia's, and purple lisianthus.