Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Summer hurricane wedding in Brooklyn!

As many of you New Yorkers know, we recently had a very strange series of weather related challenges. A couple weeks ago we had a very serious hurricane closing in on the NY area and it was eminent that it would affect Brooklyn. I had two weddings this weekend. One on Friday and one on Saturday. In the middle of transporting Friday's wedding to the Foundry in L.I.C., I get an email from my brave bride from Saturday asking to see how many of her guests would be able to make the switch a DAY earlier to avoid this crazy hurricane. I instantly had a pang of sadness knowing that if she did switch her wedding date to that day, there was no way I could deliver her flowers, and set up her ceremony decor since I was already working a wedding. I emailed her right away and let her know that if she did switch the date, I would not be able to provide any of her flowers. She emailed me back saying that she completely understood. The whole time I was setting up the Foundry, I couldn't stop thinking about how disappointing it was for all of us that she wouldn't be able to get her flowers, which were all in buckets, sprayed, and hand picked for her. We decided to see what could be done in the nick of time. This is when the FUN began! It was a huge challenge and a huge rush to get this bride at the very least a bridal bouquet and boutonniere in her hands. We rushed home around 5pm. I scarfed a slice or two of pizza and high tailed it to my studio to put together the fastest bridal bouquet I have ever put together in my life. Her ceremony was at 7:30pm. I left my studio at 6:50pm, running to my car with a bouquet in hands and boutonniere in my teeth as I was scrambling for my keys. People literally stopped my in the street and were like "omg! what a pretty bouquet" I of course shared the story with a perfect stranger about the hurricane and date switcher-oo ect. I get behind the wheel and become a typical NYer. Keeping bumper to bumper, inching over every ground I could cover as fast as possible with one hand on the bouquet in the passenger seat. I amazingly get a parking spot right away near reBar, jump out of the car and up to the venue. It's now 7:18pm. I ask around for the bride and they tell my she is back in the bridal suit getting final hair and make up done. I go down the hall checking a bunch of doors and finally come to what I know the the bridal suit. I walk all the way back, peak just my head into the suit so she see's my face (holding the bouquet behind my back) she looks at my totally confused and was like "Rebecca!, what are you doing here?!" I push out my hand with a big, super duper freshly made bridal bouquet and she freaks out! I couldn't believe I made it in time!!! We hugged and both got teary along with her mom who was also very appreciative. Alas.... the bride has her bouquet JUST in time for her ceremony. This was the most rewarding moment I have had in a very long time. I always say... where there is a will... there IS a way..... She made my day just as much as I hope her bouquet helped make her day special in this unfortunate weather related challenge.