Monday, June 13, 2011

Brooklyn museum wedding.

I am very excited to share with you this super fun wedding that took place on May 21st at the gorgeous Brooklyn museum. My bride wanted bright colored flowers with tons of texture and kooky shapes. She really wanted designs that were outside the box of what you would expect from wedding flowers and of course I jumped to the challenge. In the beginning she wanted to incorporate little herbs or plants for favors because she loves to garden, but, sadly the museum didn't allow soil ): This gave me the idea to incorporate little radishes into her design because I felt like that represented her. She loved it! You'll notice in the close up shot of the center piece where I sneaked one in. In addition to the main center, we added little silver julip cups with thistle, red spray roses and billy buttons. Her bouquet was made with bold colors and included red charm peony, yellow ranunculous, vibrunum, poppy pods, white ranunculous, white peony, and yellow spray roses. The bout's were SO much fun!! This is a horrible picture, but, I promise I'll post the professional one when they come. You may have read on a ton of blogs about this brides invitation. They were the most brilliant one's I have EVER seen. You can see it here. When I saw these invitations I was so inspired to somehow incorporate the musical influence. After some milling around in my head, it dawned on my that we could subtly add in a old record/45 insert at the base of the bout's! They were thrilled at the idea and I certainly have never seen this done (: There are a bunch more elements that went with this wedding, but, you'll have to wait for professional ones in the coming months (;