Thursday, July 21, 2011

NYC summer wedding.

The wedding took place on June 25 at the Harold Pratt House in NYC. This was a special wedding for me and my team because it was our friends wedding! It was a fun experience because we were there early setting up in our jeans and cloggs by day and then transformed into dresses and heals by night.... and then again for break down. It was like the Cinderella at the stroke of midnight! We danced and had an amazing time at the wedding, and then, as soon as it was over, we ran into the bathroom to rip off dresses and broke down the event.

The flowers we used were a bright combination of blue hydrangeas, yellow peonies, roses, godetia, calla's, ginger root, orchids, bluporum, and vibrunum.

For the ceremony, we strung about 200 orange carnations staggered in lengths across the back wall. It was a sweet and subtle way to frame the ceremony area keeping clean lines and an airy feel.