Saturday, June 23, 2012

Brooklyn wedding at Galapagos Art Space.

I hardly know where to start with these two.... Jackie and Michael were one of the most laid back, sweet, and stylish couple! They approached Brooklyn Betrothed as a whole; and pretty much booked us all from the flowers, the efficient, make up, photographer, and paper products. Oh! and did I mention she commissioned me for jewelry for um.... 10 people in her bridal party/family members!!!! I'll get more pictures of the jewels soon. I missed the opening of the little boxes the night before when she gave them to all her bridesmaids, but, Kristina was shooting the whole thing and said is was a total frenzy of super excited girls (: LOVE IT.

Jackie and Michael told me three things leading up to their designs:
*We want warm colors.
*We love lots of texture with the possibility of weird elements (succulents/poppy seeds/artichokes was my interpretation)
*We love orchids and callas.

I can't express how important it is when a couple gives you creative control like this. This approach encourages my best work. I loved this wedding almost as much as the couple.

At the end of the day, Jackie and Michael invited us Brooklyn Betrothed gals to ATTEND their cocktail hour and ceremony. This was one of the kindest gestures one can show.... I spent the afternoon setting up the venue making sure everything as perfect as can be. Then, did a quick change in the bathroom to shed my uniform (jeans, docs, bandana and pencil behind my ear) and slipped on a simple black dress. I went upstairs to the balcony to hide in the dark and watch the ceremony with tears in my eyes as I listened to some of the sweetest and loving words not only to each other, but to the families and past relatives. It's magical to be able to see everything all together... bride and groom, families and the room twinkling with candlelight.....

See more from their wedding on my floral Facebook page HERE.