Sunday, January 16, 2011

Anemone's and their amazing grace.

During the production of my last event, I found myself in complete awe of my flowers. The care taking involved is like taking care of a baby. (OK, maybe that's a little too far) What I mean is that I find myself constantly changing the environment to make them happy. Window open for cold, window closed, because it's too cool. Blinds open for more sun, blinds closed for less sun. Bucket up on the table because heat rises, bucket on the floor for those who like it colder. I even come check on them in the middle of the night to make sure all is well in the flower room (:
My anemone's are from our local garden state New Jersey. When I picked them up on Thursday morning, you wouldn't even know they were Anemone's. They were completely closed and looked almost like a tulip! I put them in some warm water and in the sunlight and POOF they opened up like a jack in the box. At night they tuck themselves in. Literally they close completely up as it they never opened.
Hydrangea's also need some special attention. Hyro, meaning water, means these puppies need CONSTANT hydration. Not only for their stems, but, they love to take a 20 minute bath, fully submerged in warm water. Once they come out of the tub, they get sprayed with a special solution that helps lock in the water. There is also a secret herb to put on the stem to promote water uptake.