Thursday, October 13, 2011

Queens County Farm wedding.

Promoting the old school way (leaving business cards at your local wine store) really can bring you together with a new client as well as introduce you to a new neighbor/friend. This is sort of how I met my clients Ashley and Mike. In addition to her finding my card, her friend who is the editor of a large bridal magazine, met me at a wedding industry gathering months ago. Lucky for me, I stuck in her mind and came recommended to this couple's wedding.

This was one of my dream come true weddings to design. Being the ex- farm girl that I am, designing this wedding came very naturally and automatically. Asley and Mike were a complete joy to work with and were full of ideas, yet, gave me the reins to do what I do. Her bouquet was super fun to make. All she told me was "make it look like it's from the land." That's it! There were countless flowers used in her bouquet from fancy juliette roses and chocolate cosmos to the casual ornamental cale and shaker grass. She had NINE brides maids. She asked me "what do you expect?! I am from Texas!"

Ashley and Mike did a lot of work (and drinking) on their own to prepare for their wedding. Ashley drank an unbelievable number of the healthy Kambucha drinks in order to use the lovely glass bottles as one of the vessels for the flowers. She described the amount she drank as "almost gross"! The bottles ended up being perfect for our use. The other vessels we used were Weck jars and whiskey bottles! My husband owns a bar, hence my ability to collect an obscene number empty of Jack Daniels, Jameson, and Tullamouredew. We wanted to come up with something extra affordable to put in the mix of flowers. I tested out some ideas by submerging ferns, orchids and lavender into the whisky bottles, which turned out so pretty as well as unique and affordable.

At the end of the night, as we were packing up my van, and I got lucky enough to watch the now bride and groom walk out of the barn glowing, laughing and beaming with happiness as their guests waved sparklers and cheered. She then came up to me with arms wide open and tears of happiness in her eyes as she held me tight telling me how much she loved her bouquet and couldn't believe how amazing and perfect it was. This is what propels me forward. This is what makes the countless hours work, the 100's of emails, and the nit picking each flower worth it. This is why I do flowers.
The talented Labor of Love made these pictures classic, timeless and so so beautiful. ENJOY!